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Is there an orientation program for new children and families?

Yes there is. Once you have been offered a place all new parents are invited to our Parent Orientation Night which is held in November each year. This event aims to help new families understand how we operate, what we do to support the learning and development of your child – social, emotionally and academically, what our daily program and routine is about, how we work with your family, and our policies and procedures that are in place to support our Preschool and our community. The Parent Orientation Night is for parents only and gives parents the opportunity to ask questions, to meet other parents and to get to know the Birralee Team. We will also provide you with a Welcome Pack. Prior to your commencement date, we also encourage new parents and children to come in for a Stay and Play as part of the orientation process. This will give new children a chance to join in on the activities, to take part in the rhythm and routine of our centre, to get to know other children and to give both the Birralee Team and the new children and families a chance to start to get to know one another. We just ask that parents/carers stay at Birralee with their child during these visits.

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